Bennu Crafts

Craft gifts for all seasons.

Bespoke items made to order.

Tee shirts.

Our Products

Seasonal Gifts

We have gifts for all seasons and events. Click on the link to visit our store.

Bespoke items

These can be customised with your own details, to provide the perfect personal gift. whether its for a birth, engagement, wedding, special event or just to say "I Love You"


Look at our selection of Tee-shirts. Ethically made and recyclable.

“Were possible I use reclaimed materials and make everything by hand. Which will often mean items can have a rustic look.”

Mike Donnelly


Hi, my name is Mike Donnelly founder of BennuCrafts

I’ve always been interested in crafting especially with wood. But it is only recently after having to go part time that I’ve had any real time to spend being creative.

Bennu Crafts will allow me to show what I’m capable of, whilst generating some income to allow me to continue what I love.


If you have any questions, or, would like anything custom made, message me and I’ll see what I can do.